BFD asks to migrate EVERY time I open it

I have a fresh install here of BFD3 latest version, core library and some expansions.

BFD3 is asking me to migrate EVERY TIME I open it.

How to fix this?/

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in my case it helped to rund both the licenser and the standalone as administrator once ad this did the trick

In my case I did the regedit as per the instructions Drew gave. Worked great for me. No problems anymore.

Im on OSX here BTW. I have trashed prefs and so forth, nada

OSX here 10.13.6

Is there ANY way to get RID of this prompt?? I trashed any and all things BFD and FXPANSION BEFORE doing a complete reinstall here. This appears EVERY time I start up BFD. There are no previous files and folders as they were all trashed including the BFD pref files



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Thank You!!Registry Entry Helped Top Tipp

Is your content installed in a location other than the defaults, like mine? I have this same annoyance and I was wondering if that’s why. Non-default options only get tested by end users…

EDIT: Mac OS 10.13.6

All content is on a secondary drive here

What Regedit fix was that?

For you Windows dudes

  • Open Registry Editor
  • Navigate to: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE[BFD Drums]([BFD3](
  • Check for these entries: FirstRun, fxp2inm_migration, and NeedScan
  • If you don’t have them all, create them. They should all be string types.
  • Set FirstRun to ‘No’ without quotes.
  • Set fxp2inm_migration to ‘migrated’ without quotes.
  • Set ‘NeedScan’ to ‘no’ without quotes.

Yes that is it exactly. Worked for me.

No… That was useless. Now what?

For you OSX guys:

Open this prefs file with a Hex editor
Make sure these 3 strings are like this and save file:




I tried this here and NO GO. May Prefs are missing some things even after re install after deleting them

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Thanks a lot, pal. You really helped with that !!

This seems to have worked for me on my High Sierra system.

I used Plist Edit Pro here.

Changed the migration line from deferred to migrated and saved, seems to have worked

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