Migration Notice

I just recently upgraded and migrated. But now when I open my DAW I get a Migration Notice asking me if I want to copy my BFD settings and presets from FXpansion into BFD Drums folders now? The status show is not migrated. I have clicked the “Migrate Now” button several times but nothing seems to happen because the notice keeps popping up again.

Please advise what to do.


I think this was fixed in one of the recent updates. Do you have the latest BFD3 version installed? You can always migrate manually by moving your user settings from BFD2 and putting them in the BFD3 user folder. Someone else will chime in with the correct thing to do.

Mac or PC? For PC, there’s this:

The Mac equivalent is this. Use a plist editor to fix.

I thought this was fixed sometime no later than v3.4.2.4. If you’re using that, also send an email to support@bfddrums.com, or send a PM to @BFD_Drew.

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