Annoying License renewing

On the new version I see (and experienced) that the license needs to be rechecked every 3 month.

For security reasons

  1. My computer is not connected to internet, so to activate I will have to connect it…
  2. I have a firewall that lets go out nothing.
    So it is long to reactivate and useless for me.
    How can I register one time and not to have to recheck ?

If this cannot be done, I will
a) Try to downgrade
b) Find another drum!

In my opinion, this feature is unique in all the plugging that I use, it is not professional.

Thank you

Unfortunately you’re stuck with it I’m afraid.

If your DAW is always off line, why is BFD3 blocked by your firewall?

It wouldn’t do any harm to unblock it and if you’re able to go online, it takes about 10 seconds to activate.


You can set up a hotspot with your mobile phone and connect your computer to it. Turn off your firewall. Login to the license manager and authorize/download your products.

Turn back on your firewall and disconnect your computer from the WiFi hotspot with your phone.

You should be all set for 90 days, at which time you will have to repeat this process.

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Thank you for your answer.
I use a firewall because I’m taking care of security.
The purpose of this computer is ONLY to make music, not to handle in and off license :=)
When you start a session, and the BFD do not react, it is frustrating, not a real good feeling to start composing :=)

Thank you for your answer.
Exactly what I do not want to do, I want to do music… :grinning:

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If you’re using windows 10 or 11 I’d say it’s a bit OTT.

I’m running windows 11 and I have no anti-virus software other than windows defender.
My DAW is permanently on line and I haven’t had any problems for years.

BFD3 might have a unique, and slightly annoying licensing system but nearly all my software periodically checks for updates unless I specifically tell it not to.


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Their system of verifying the license is not standard in the industry, in particular because it freezes the software if you do not do it.
Imagine, if every single editor does that, it becomes a nightmare. I have around 100 VST in my Dawn !
Everybody does whatever they want with their system, but I have been trained by a pro to disconnect my computer from internet and use firewall, this is to avoid any risk of infection. And I must say that I agree.

Right, but in order to “do music”, you need a computer that can go online so that you can install, update and authorize your products. Even in the case of say iLok, you would still need to go online once to transfer your licenses to a USB dongle. I don’t think I could make music today without a system that could go online when I need it to.

I’m on macOS and don’t have the firewall turned on and I’ve never encountered a virus that crippled my audio workstation.

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The risk of your computer being infected by any nasty virus is tiny in comparison to say 5 or 10 years ago.
The ‘pro’ who told you that, probably needs to update their knowledge as it really isn’t strictly necessary any more.

Unless of course you’re using lots of pirated software and you visit lots of naughty sites. :thinking: :wink:

Even then you’re probably pretty safe these days.


I was going to make mention of that, but didn’t want to insinuate anything on OP’s part. But yeah, in audio, people using K’d software need to use a firewall and or disconnect from the internet so that plugins can’t phone home. Well, there’s also Little Snitch that takes care of that

There is another important reason to use a firewall and avoid to get online: You are using windows. Windows updates sometimes, rarely, can render your production system totally useless. To avoid that I have disabled every windows update and security service in the registry and use a firewall to block everthing - because windows services are like zombies - they keep coming back. Not a single other product I use ( all 100% legit) requires to be online for licence auth ( well - some require to be online once during installation, but that’s it )
My last journey with BFD License Manager (yesterday) showed that it’s not done within a few seconds.
Tried for hours. And it didn’t work.
So I am not a BFD user anymore. I deinstalled everything just today and gonna try something else.

I do not use pirated software and this computer is only dedicated to music.
Thinking that the risk is minor, is a major mistake :=)

All my plugins are paid and I did not know what you wrote!

I agree for Windows 10 and 11 sending useless information through Internet but I did not want to use this argument. This use computer resources and in some case, you want all resources!
And I also agree update can be source of problems.

So my solution is to downgrade, did anybody did this?
Are old version working on W11?
If not I will let BFD go, but I’m bitter because I bought many libraries.

I have zero experience with Windows 11, so I can not help on that matter.
I know it sounds kinda silly, but if you did not had Licensing Problems on Win10, or if the workarounds provided did work for you on Windows 10, it might be an option to go back to Win10. But that totally depends on what you are doing music-wise and how important BFD is for you. For me it was mainly because of the Cymbals which sound more unprocessed to my ear than on similar products from other companies. But the Licensing Problems made it impossible for me to rely on BFD.
But, well, who wants to setup an older OS just because of one single software.

I was not talking about downgrading Windows but BFD, because, before this problem of authorization was not in place.

I have downgraded BFD and the installer to avoid this problem.
I hope I will not see BFD stopping working anymore because the license has not been renewed.
I still think it is not professional from In Music to Big Brother us :grinning: because this is what it is.
In the meantime:

  1. I will not update anymore
  2. I will migrate my drums to another editor, but I have to find one…
    Locally it is not a big deal for me to change because I use it for composing not for final recording.

From my expericence that’s exactly what happens after the 90 days.
However, good that it works for you in the meantime. Enought time to find an other product which will fit your needs.

Yes I’m trying another software at this time.
If I’m not happy with and BFD keeps asking for license, then I can downgrade a step further, I still have old version.