Alesis Nitro Max - BFD Player does not play sound from drums

I connected my nitro max kit via USBB-USB cable to my computer, downloaded everything I needed, logged into accounts everywhere
as in this video: .

When setting up, in BFD i also did everything right, showed it in the screenshots.

I configured the output device, when I click on the 3D drums in the application with the mouse on the computer, the sound is there, everything is fine.

I disabled the LOC and GM modes on the nitro max kit (LOC - OFF, GM - OFF) ((I tried turning them on and off in different combinations, nothing helps)).

And still there is no sound when hitting the drums. The headphones were not connected to the set directly, the sound could not be redirected for sure.
I started to suspect the cable then. I bought a new expensive USB cable and the sound appeared for a moment, but after reconnecting it disappeared. Maybe it’s the settings. I’m already exhausted, please help me.

Hey @kirill

I’ve a few questions for you;
What happens when you click on the kit pieces in Kit View and Mixer View? Do you hear them or see them animate then?
Do the kit pieces animate when you hit the Nitro pads?


When I click on the 3D drum models in Kit View and Mixer View, there is sound and animation, both in the headphones and in the speakers (not at the same time, depending on what is connected).

And the kit pieces do not animate when i hit the Nitro pads. They don’t react at all.

By the way something happened the second time, I turned on the installation, started BFD and hit the Nitro paps several times and there was even a sound, but after a few seconds it disappeared and again there is no reaction.


Hey @kirill

Okay, that means we can narrow down the issue to your nitro or how BFD Player is receiving MIDI. Could you try the following experiments and tell me what happens, please?

  1. In a host DAW (e.g. Reaper) have MIDI trigger kit pieces in BFD Player. You can do this by dragging a Groove from Grooves View to your instrument channel in the host DAW.

  2. In you host DAW attempt to record MIDI to a MIDI channel from your Nitro kit.