2nd Snare Channel not loading kit piece?

Am I doing this right? I’m trying to add a 2nd snare and nothing loads, even if I right-click from the channel, or kit piece on the graph. When I initially tried this, it did load a snare, but I wasn’t able to change it. So, I deleted it and tried creating a new one and this happens.

Also, when it loaded the first time, the individual snare channels for top/bottom, etc showed, but then the individual channels for snare 1 disappeared. Now it’s the opposite. All snare 1 channels show, but on the Master for snare 2? I tried collapsing the mixing and opening too.

I’ve quit and restarted. No change.

SOLVED: Well kinda. I was trying to load a snare filtered under the “processed” tab. All other snares are loading. There must be a reason for that, but I’m just not that familiar with BFD.

BFD3 Kit Loading Issue


Sorry I don’t have any answer. I just know that I also have this snare channel issue…

Hi Autumn. I did notice something though. If you have 2 Snare Master channels, whichever one is closest to the individual mic channels, will change them. I noticed because the top/bottom fader levels changed.

Basically what I want to do, is use a second snare that’s flatter and with less ring to trigger a snare reverb. That one I could remove the kick mic bleed from also, which is optimal for this application. I usually do this kind of stuff in the DAW, but as I’m starting to create my own kit presets again, I’ve been using the mixer more and saving FX/channel presets, etc, just so I have one decent mixer that I’ve tweaked.

maybe this will help? i don’t know about the drag and drop you show in your .gif but try right clicking in the kit area and choose a snare there from the drop down box that opens. it should place and empty snare in your setup. then try selecting the new snare you want to add to THAT empty snare slot. cheers

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Thanks. Yeah, I initially tried the right-clicking to add a kit piece. I was trying to use one of the snares that are under the “Processed” tab. Not sure why that’s a problem, but all the other snares seem to load fine.

This whole idea of adding a second snare is just because I’m trying to find the best way of triggering the snare reverb. In a DAW, I normally use a one shot type sample to trigger it, just for better control and less ring. So I just pulled in one of my own samples and it works if you link the snares, but it won’t trigger in the Groove editor. The snare sample only triggers with incoming MIDI note data. That’s a bummer, but just all the more reason that I’ll be mixing BFD in my DAW. It’s just fun and quick to hear some processing while putting kits together and making presets.