Zildjian libraries not migrated to BDF 3.4

Thank you for opening this instance of communication.
My situation with the BDF 3.4 migration and install simply looks quite awful as it is now.

Back at 2014, 2015 I found about the deep selection and care placed at gathering the first Zildjian sampled and made VI libraries. Then came to know about a second volume that expanded what was already available. later on, when a reputed website reviewed a third instance, that was it.

Went to search and locate them and bought the three libraries actually before acquiring the Drummer software to use them. Each library was shipped in its box from different locations and arrived perfectly to the remote country I live at. Then I purchased the BDF drummer.
From then, these are the jewel of my hi frequencies and apart from the tuned Decatom and Percussion acquired later, are the main reason for my BDF3 usage.

FFWD April 2021, I followed the migration instructions, rendering BDF3.4 correctly activated but not a single trace of my treasured libraries at BDFdrums website. Fortunately they still figure at my Fxpansion account:

-Zildjian Digital Vaults ZP1

-Zildjian Digital Vaults SP1

-Zildjian Digital Vaults SP2

In case the issue now is about transferring or adequately locating the licenses, then such is not a problem at my case. I do have the boxes, DVDs and accompanying papers and serials.
Furthermore, if BDF 3.4 and later versions are effectively able to install these libraries and so I might activate them anyway through FXpansion’s website, then I will have no issue with such arrangement.

///What I will not accept and will oppose in many ways at many channels and instances, is that at some point (business or other unilateral) decisions render my libraries unusable and thus affect the productions, compositions I had or could have in the future.
Hope BDFdrums development allows future growth including and respecting the existing user base cases.

*Note; I’ve read at the “Bugs Reports” thread here, the following post:
BFD Product Owner
What Zildjian content are you referring to? BFD1, BFD2, and BFD Eco software is discontinued, and users were supposed to get copies of Eldorado and London Sessions as replacement content, but that hasn’t happened. I have reported it to the web team and will know more soon."
BFD3.4.0.24 - Bug Reports - #9 by BFD_Drew

///However, don’t ask me to accept such --previously uninformed-- replacement if it means any reduction, loss of resolution, files,etc. compared with the three libraries already part of my musical system.

Hmmm. My SP1, SP2, and ZP1 all migrated over just fine. I know they said that you can’t register a serial number through the website just yet, but I wonder if putting it directly in the new license manager would work.

[edit] Ahh, looks like probably not. The license numbers in the FXpansion license manager are totally different than the ones in the BFD license manager. It looks like they generated a completely new license to get it to work on v3.4.

Ooh! Thanks. These are good news. It means it can be done and inMusic’s BDFdrums has not abandon the Zildjian SP1, SP2, and ZP1 libraries.
Now it should be fixed either at the automated process or by support.

The future now continues. What a relief!!
Therefore no problem with waiting, if such is BDFdrums’ policy.
A new product launch is already a very demanding task. At BDFdrums’ case, this is a multiple launch: brand, firm, website, Social Nets, support department, marketing/pricing, forum, PR, business relationships, etc.
So, as customers (loyal if respected) I am sure to say, we understand and will have patience.
I’ll be attentive and EXPECTANT

Plus, I have just read this reassurance announcement at one thread here:

BFD_DrewBFD Product Owner

“No need for fear. BFD3.4 will support all BFD content,”

Great news that this is the official policy.
Marketing Department has to follow suit and publish this important information.
So far yesterday Gearspace (former Gearslutz) New Product Alert thread, probably the most respected discuss platform for the release of new products, was full of questioning and doubt about this precise issue obscuring BDFdrums new release and home…