Yikes! Multi-Timbral in Logic weirdness?

https://www.facebook.com/austinbiel/videos/1029802451508088?idorvanity=473866997376994 - in Facebook forum, or

https://youtu.be/rgjXhHY_dwM - on YouTube

What? HELP!

BFD3 latest, running Logic Pro 10.7.9 on OSX 12.6.1 (can’t update because reasons…)

Instantiating BFD3 “normally” works perfect; all systems go.

Instantiating BFD3 as a “multi-timbral” plugin has some weird problems - and yes, I’ve rebooted and troubleshot a bunch of things.

) no matter how many multi-timbral parts, from 2-8, the behavior is the same - whenever the DAW transport plays, a groove is played -

Now, mind you, Groove is off. I load a different kit and not any grooves. Again, when transport plays a 32-bar pattern on the “default”? kit plays - Grv. Off does not affect this -

and here is where it gets bizarre - If I disable BFD3, or if I mute the tracks, EVEN IF I DELETE THE TRACKS and there is no instance of BFD3 even running, the same groove and kit plays.


BFD isn’t the plugin making that noise. None of the drums are triggering in the UI, none of the meters are signalling, and none of the kit graphics are animating. My best guess is that you’ve got the logic drummer plugin on a track but it is hidden somehow.

Thanks for responding

If you see the video I linked, I’m starting from a fresh new empty file, only instantiating BFD, and this only happens with multi-timbral. No Logic drummer to be had. Would you just take a few moments and watch the video and circle back?

I also think Logic must be triggering something else, Austin, because, next to what Drew already said, the preset you’re loading (90’s Brit Rock 146bpm) sounds completely different from what we’re hearing.

It is indeed strange.

I just did exactly the same thing as what you demonstrated in your video, and I’m not hearing anything when I click ‘Play’.

(I also wonder, by the way – but this off-topic --, why you would want to load up BFD3 as a multi-timbral instrument? Why not simply as a multi-output instrument?)


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I did watch the video. That was how I determined that the plugin isn’t making any noise - look at the meters in the mixer. Nothing. Even Logic’s mixer shows that “Inst 1” isn’t making noise. Also, those drums sound nothing like the preset you loaded.