XFL expansion Preset and Kits missing

I just installed xfl expansion on my new mac, but no presets and kits were installed.
I remember the same problem years ago on my older Mac, and the Support from Fxpansion, sent me the presets and kits, but I don’t have them anymore. Could anybody please share the presets and kits for XFL expansion?

It’s an older, discontinued expansion. Mount the installer on your desktop. Right-Click on it to reveal package contents. You should find the kits and presets inside. You will have to import them into BFD3 and save as new kits/presets.

Thank you, but there are no Kits and Presets in the package contents:-(
Do you have the same expansion? Are you willing to share the files I am missing?

XFL Kits.zip (387.7 KB)

There are only kits for XFL, no presets. Here they are!

Awesome, thank you very much!!!