Wrong Kit Pieces Playing from MIDI from SD3 Performance

Hey All! - I’m a BFD3 user (mainly for playing pre purchased grooves to write/record demos to send to my real drummer option!)

So my one drummer sent a session we are working on back with his single MIDI track containing his part recorded through SD3 & when I replace SD3 with BFD3 on my end, I hear the tom where the snare should be, the cymbals filpped it sounds like also.

How can I remap so I hear the right kit pieces? I didn’t want mess up my current assignments either, but my drummer was wondering if I can have a map for his stuff and one for my regular usage?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Thanks so much

Since SD3 was released a good few years after BFD3 there is no keymap for SD3.

If SD3 is all it’s cracked up to be it should surely include a keymap for BFD3?
In which case your friend should remap them for you before sending them.

If he can’t do that then the next best thing would be to load the SD2 keymap and see if that gets you any closer but you’ll probably still have some remapping work to do.


Thanks Steve — where can I get the SD2 keymap & assuming I just load into BFD3 to try?

I’m assuming I can create a “new” keymap for this and not mess with the regular BFD3 maps.

I want to avoid having to get SD3!

Go to the Keymap tab in BFD3, once there go to file and then load keymaps, you be taken to a folder with dozens of kaymaps to be used with alternative hardware and software. SD2 is near the bottom.

It’s really easy to map keys in BFD3, not that I’ve done if for a long time but I was very impressed when I did.


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I made a Keymap for EZD2 to use with BFD3. Maybe the layout is similar to SD3 (not sure)? I can post it here if you want, if the SD2 Keymap doesn’t work for you.

Sure! Is that a file that I import in ?

@BryanLee Yes. Don’t get too excited. I have no idea if it will map as you need, but there’s no harm in trying. You can always delete it.

EZD2 Keymap.zip (16.0 KB)

Getting somewhere with SD2 map - how do I get the hi hat (bottom midi hits ) and the crashes to sound? (Top)

Sometimes, with something like this it’s quicker and easier to just move the hits either up or down in your sequencers piano roll especially if you know what these note are supposed to be in terms of articulations.
Not sure what your sequencer is in the video, Cubase?

I use bandlab and I can move a note up and down in the piano roll and the notes sound as I do so which would make it really easy to reassign those notes to reflect the BFD3 mapping.

Have you asked your friend if SD3 comes with mapping for other hard ware and software?
That would make this such a simple thing if it did.

I can see that the two top notes are the two high cymbals, one high and one slightly lower tuned.
The middle notes would be the hi-hats I guess.

If you want to load the midi file here I could have a quick look, probably easier for me than explaining how to use the midi-map page in BFD3.


Ok I will get the file from him in a bit and post up. So I looked at the piano roll and saw that the hit hat was on D2 so I cut and pasted the hat from the key map screen and its triggering. Did same for the lower Crash cymbal with G2 I think it was but I cant get the top most crash to sound even when I paste the crash (only have the “choke” option for some reason to drop in there. Not sure why that top one isn’t sounding. Also noticed the Ride is good as is with the SD2 map (at least I’m hearing it)

I’m doing all of this so I can track my guitar and bass to a NO LATENCY drum track :slight_smile: I’m super sensitive with my sense of timing and playing with the audio print vs just straight click, I felt some microscopic latency in the audio performance - enough to throw me off a bit

Oh I’m using PT Ultimate BTW - thanks !

So I’m getting somewhere here but added a China to the kit and can’t get it to show in key map so I can paste in into G2 (where I’m getting that hit) - the kits I’m selecting don’t have enough cymbals I suppose? How do I get that China to be on the G2 key map location

So I have cymbal 1 and crash 3 added on the kit but can’t see any mapping in the upper right. How do I map the added kit pieces to open midi notes?

Choose the MIDI keys slot on the left that you want to use, highlight the articulation on the right and click, Assign to selected.

Also you can select one or all of the articulations from the panel on the right and drag them all across to the upright keyboard.
Note, articulations with, (!) symbol after the name means that articulation doesn’t exist.


That worked both ways guys ! Thanks so much - suppose I can save the kit too and just have a baseline saved kit and baseline saved keymap for files from this drummer

This is close to the SD2! I’m keeping it in there haaaa. Never know when I might need it. Thanks so much for the help. This board is great.

Cool man… glad you got it working. That’s probably the least fun part about mixing sampled drums, when you have to deal with keymaps not lining up straight away and wasting precious time in the process. If you’re in Pro Tools, trying to just move MIDI notes to line up with a drum mapping can be tedious. I wish AVID would make a drum editor similar to Cubase’s.