Windows 11 gotchas

Just booted up and noticed a message telling me I’m ready to upgrade to windows 11.
Is there anything I should know about potential issues, pros & cons?

I was planning on waiting until it was available on my laptop first to try it out there.

Does it overwrite folders or am I going to get a folder called, ‘old windows’.
Is it better the go through the torture of a completely fresh install and reinstalling everything.


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  1. Don’t upgrade/update

  2. Don’t upgrade/update.

etc. etc. etc.

No other reason than I don’t trust Windows full stop.

I believe windows 11 is a money spinner for microsoft at Christmas.

The can’t get Windows 10 solid so what chance have we got with windows 11.

If you have a stable and working system - keep it that way - don’t be another of their fall guys.



I’ve just upgraded to Win11 here; rebuilt the OS drive completey from scratch. No problems - BFD running fine, Reaper running fine, Da Vinci Resolve, Blender, Ableton Live, Cubase 11, all of my development stuff, and all my plugins… all running fine.

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The only issues I have with Win11 are still with HDR and scaling, which is no worse than win10 really, so it’s all fine.

I even did the direct upgrade without clean installing anything, and everything stayed working as before. All of my hundreds of plugins, Cubase 11, S1, Reaper. The only thing was I had to re-auth a couple plugins.

Did you do a clean install and reinstall everything or just install on top of windows 10, and if the latter, do you now have a folder saying ‘old windows’?

I guess that method is useful if you want to go back to windows 10 for whatever reason you should, ‘in theory’ be able to use windows restore.

It is a slow process to reinstall all my software and settings but sometimes it’s a good way of getting rid of junk I no longer use. :thinking:


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I just installed over old windows because I was planning a full format+rebuild and thought it would be funny to screw my system up with a windows upgrade. I didn’t expect it to go completely perfectly like it did… it threw me, I’m still on it now unchanged.



If that’s the way it goes for us all that would be fantastic.

I’m actually gobsmacked that it’s gone right for someone in the first place.

I still have trouble withy windows 10 turning off my audio card. And that issue has been with me since as long as I can remember. And still no fix.


I’ve always reformatted and done clean installs of windows from scratch since Windows 98, it’s a good way of getting rid of junk and avoids a lot of issues that can arise from just upgrading one on top of the other.
Everything I’ve heard so far seems to suggest that Windows 10 to 11 is far less problematic than it once was.

I’m waiting to get the invite to upgrade on my laptop first before I upgrade my desktop.
I’m in no rush