Window pop up disabling BFD

why am I getting a window pop up saying I have (no packs found in pack price catalogue)

Where do I disable it or is it something that I need to complete.

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Hi. Could you supply some more information so we can try to help? What are you doing when you get this pop-up window? Pasting in a screen cap of the window would be helpful, too.

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Please only use the BFD Drums version of BFD3 now. Do not use the older FXpansion version of BFD.

If you haven’t fully migrated over, here are the details:

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I have done most of the migration and working well on the TD25 keymap although the digital ride isn’t working that well yet. Will there be an updated present keymap for TD27kv soon?
Also, I still have a version of BFD ECO that I can’t use anymore with some nice kits that I think are in the London session sample pack. Can I get access to them or do I need to get the sample pack

You have to PM either Drew, or the inMusic staff with your ECO serial# and email associated with your Fxpansion account, which should be the same as your inMusic one, as you’ve migrated. They may give you Eldorado as well, as I think there’s a bit of both of that and London in ECO?


I’m finding it difficult to understand how to fully migrate. all my pathways are all different.
Are there videos on how to do it as I need help

I’ve asked but getting crickets

You don’t need to move anything, and BFD3 stuff will get assigned InMusic license numbers to replace the FXpansion license numbers in the new InMusic version of the License Manager (though it looks very much like the old license manager). The stuff that needs to be assigned new license numbers manually are the BFD1, BFD2, and BFD Eco kits. Thus the need to contact Drew or other InMusic staff to get assigned serial number to replace those. The El Dorado expansion replaces BFD1 and the London Session expansion replaces BFD2. I’m not sure how they handle Eco. You may get just London Sessions or both, I don’t know.
The main thing is you now need to use all InMusic licensed stuff: BFD, Expansions, and most importantly the License Manager. Make sure you download the latest version of the LM,