Why no link to THIS FORUM under SUPPORT at BFD.com?

Inquiring minds would like to know?

Trying to hide like Presonus perhaps? or Steinbug?


Maybe to reduce the number of web crawlers that find it? Just a guess. It is in the app itself under that little Help arrow. Pretty small and easy to overlook.

Yes, you’d think somewhere on their page there would be a link to the forum like there was on the old fxansion page under support

Not sure where I got the link to this forum but I think it was via an email and I have it saved in my bookmarks tool bar.


Why Steinberg? They have first class forums in my experience which are linked prominently on their official website. Steinberg team members take part actively in discussions when help is needed. So I would regard Steinberg to be a positive reference with respect to forums…

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Perhaps it allows a degree of independence from corporate interference. Steinberg is the wrong example, IK is much more controlling. They actively delete critical posts and shut down threads. Stenberg only do this when things get rancorous. Which we would never do here…

Let’s face it criticism is necessary to make real improvements We must remember that criticism needs to be fair and accurate. The developers, hopefully, know this and need our participation to get the product we all want.


No hidden agenda. It was just missed when we re-launched. Have added this to the web-team’s backlog.


Re - Left it 3 days now.

Black album drums still showing up as BFD Vintage Recording Techniques

In bfddrums 50% sale on bfddrums site.


Still no reply from bdfdrums.com support page

All seems silent on this.

Are you using the on line support page?

A while back @BFD_Drew had advised not to use it as it wasn’t active at the time.
It might still be the case and I haven’t seen any posts from Drew to say otherwise.

If I could remember the actual email address that would be great, hopefully someone else can help out but I think it is support@bfddrums.com :thinking:



Hi Steve.

I’m not sure what’s going on at the minute.

The site system is quite happily working from ordering to paypal etc.

But it’s throwing up the wrong expansion pack, and the page won’t let you remove the goods.

The plus is working but the minus is not.

And yeah - I’ve contacted support and as usual it says it’s been received etc

I suppose it’s just a waiting game.

I really wanted the black album drums and the jazz and funk expansions - especially while they’re half price. But no big loss, the offers may come on again in the future. Hopefully before the expansion packs become unavailable like the deluxe pack.


Lame post from me incoming, but have you tried a different browser?

For what its worth, Im using Opera browser, and I couldnt get payment to go thru with my debit card. Constant errors even tho the money is there in my account.

Paypal worked fine tho? Strange. Especially seeing as my Paypal account is kinda borked, but thats my issue, not BFD’s :slight_smile: I just purchased the Percussion expansion via Paypal.

@BFD_Drew Can you help @Murt out? People want to give BFD money! :smiley:



Yeah - I know it sounds lame - but sometimes the simplest way is the best

Used a few browsers.

Cleared the browser cache a few times but still the same outcome


Heya, sorry for the hassle. Web team are looking into this.

Can I check, are you adding the product to the shopping cart from this page:

Or this page:


There was a bug in this part of the website, but I believe they’ve fixed it now. I have just tried it here and I can add Black Album Drums to my shopping cart from both pages.

Are there any others that are still broken?

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I swear there are more packs there than when I looked yesterday, but I could be way wrong.

I haven’t checked yet today.

I’ll have to do it later.

When I tried to purchase the black album drums it kept coming up as vintage recording etc.

It wouldn’t let me remove the item. But the payment side of things seemed alright.

I didn’t complete the transaction as I didn’t want the vintage recording techniques as I already have it.

I’ll try again shortly and edit my reply.

Fingers crossed.



Those links have all worked. And showed up correctly.

I’ll try to complete the transaction later. Hopefully with the Jazz and funk expansion as well.


All Is going well (hope I’ve not spoke too soon).

Ordered from the link above - Black Album Drums and Jazz & Funk.

Payment - no hastle.

Downloading as we speak - the rest - if it goes as all the other purchases - should be a dream

All correct with licence manager so far.

Thank you Drew for those links.

Not fully gone through everything since migration and updates - due to illness. Now purchasing is out the way - the drumming (or in my case programming) can commence - hopefully.


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You must be new to Steinbug or delusional about their supposed support

I wasn’t talking about there support. The topic was “forums”. I have been using Wavelab and Cubase for about 12 years now. I started to use Dorico some month ago. The forums at Steinberg are a great source of information. they are mainly driven by a huge user community and the majority of these users is engaged and friendly. The Steinberg team generally stays in the background of the forums but steps in when help is needed.

By the way: in those seldom cases when I really needed help from Steinberg support they needed a bit too much time but sorted it out for me. I observed a lot of cases where quite new users where complaining in an impolite and unfair manner (“this buggy piece of …”) and would be helped by other forum members in a friendly way.

You may find me biased or delusional when I just try to be fair:-) And in my experience and humble opinion the Steinberg forums are a well organized community where I have been helped in a lot of cases over the years.