Why can't I install it

I installed BFD License Manager version, started it, and downloaded BFD

The file size should be 78.4MB, but it stops at 74.3MB, and even if I wait for a few minutes, it doesn’t go any further.
It can’t be helped, so if you press the play button and proceed to installation
スクリーンショット 2022-05-25 17.27.21
This dialog will appear, no matter how many times you press Jesus
If you do not proceed from this dialog and press no
スクリーンショット 2022-05-25 17.27.48
The final ending is always like this.
I don’t know how many times this was repeated.
I will say goodbye to BFD forever.
It’s really the worst.
The era of fxpansion was the best.

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Launch the installer. Then please close the BFD License Manager app. Then click ‘OK’ to continue.


Close the LM, take a pill and chill

LM has to be closed as it says

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Chucking insults around and swearing (as seen earlier today) is no way to go about things. Yes, it can get frustrating when things don’t go as planned, and as I posted earlier this week, a lot of issues I have faced were self inflicted lol. Insults and swearing is not going to fix anything, specially a simple thing like closing the LM.



I’ve not seen any insults.

Sadly, or gladly, I have the fortune of living on a nice council estate where rightly or wrongly, swearing is part of every day life. You either roll with it or sink - there is simply no other option.

That’s life.

Though I do have to be so wound up to swear like I did this morning.

Also, It was aimed at the situation rather than at any person.

I did see the word Jesus mentioned (not by me).

Just sayin’.



Ja no worries, being part of a ton of forums I guess it’s embedded in me to follow forum rules and protocols. I could have worded my comment differently, I didn’t mean it to sound like any person was being targeted, just a general statement about how conversations should be conducted on public and private forums, as a reminder (to no one in particular) just in general:


with much respect to all who take part here,


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I’ve never been good with etiquette.

I’m in no way politically correct. A spade is a spade.

Some folk roll with it and some folk don’t.

I’m a great believer in opposing views. That’s why I like music - particularly words.

Cancel nothing and at least try to go with the flow.

Not an easy task these days.

Peace to all.



haha, yeah I agree a spade is a spade and I roll that way too, but on these platforms, I try to be otherwise. I agree, Music is excellent for opposing views, all the way onboard with that. anyway…


Thank you for all your support.
Thanks to you, I was able to install normally
Now I can enjoy using BFD.
I’m ashamed of my ignorance now.
If anyone feels uncomfortable with my post
I sincerely apologize.
I’m really thankful to you.


There’s no need to be ashamed and you’re not ignorant bro, things can be very frustrating sometimes. Take it easy and enjoy BFD!

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I have an TODO to auto-kill running BFD-related apps, but didn’t have time to do it for 3.4.4. We want to tread carefully auto-closing other processes. We’ll get there. Having to manually close apps every time we test install a build annoys devs as well, so you can bet it will sneak up the priority queue. :smiley:


Hi Skot!
How are you?
This is Deve (avatar name), we met in London years ago about drum sounds. I guess you know my real name.

I tried in vain to PM you, just cant get it done on this forum. Maybe you can PM me under Deve and we can xchange email.

Is it possible to have the old FX version and InMusic versions installed and authorized at the same time? I’m wondering because my FX version is working, and previous attempts at getting a consistently working version of the InMusic version have proven unsuccessful. I don’t want to ditch the FX version, have no luck again with the InMusic version….and then be unable to roll back to FX.

If I was you, I would backup your system drive with something like Acronis TI, that way if all goes belly up you can get back to where you were without hassle, that’s just for your own assurance, and to settle any anxiety you may have. Then do some cleaning up of the BFD related stuff on your System drive, then start again as new as it were with the new InMusic/BFD system.

Then in a little bit of time you’ll be set, and wonder what all the fuss was about. I know where you are, and how it feels, I was there myself, but once you get over the hill, you’ll be on your way, it’s not that hard, it’s pretty straight forward actually, it’s infamy has grown out of control, there are just a couple of ‘gotcha’s’ and most likely a bit of a mess from previous attempts that need cleaning out.

My only concern with that is that something might go astray and I’m not sure if the old FX authorization system will still work.

As long as you have your System drive backed up it doesn’t matter, you’ll be back as you were, no need to authorize.

Hi Drew thank God for this Forum and that everybody mentions you as their saviour and to see light at the end of the tunnel with BFD3 issue of BFD2 authorisation issues. As many I’ve updated and can see files but no authorisation, Have read you can help. Please HELP all working even OBLIVION now but would love my LONDON sounds if possible Ta Jonny