Which Keymap to use for Roland TD-50?

Hi all,
I recently upgraded my v drums to the latest Roland kit with the TD-50x module. I see there’s no keymap for it in BFD3.4.
I presume I should just use the most recent Roland key map (which is the TD30) in BFD… correct? Or has anybody found using something else is better?


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I have the TD-50 key maps and saved a few versions as separate files. I can check later today and see if I can share or post a few. Strange that they don’t show up in your new version. Hopefully support will verify. I have worked with support recently on issues and they were helpful.

I don’t have the key map for TD50 or TD27kv … should it be in the latest version 3.4?

I am just getting back into BFD3 after just receiving a set with the TD-50x. If someone can help me get jump started by sharing your keymap files for this module, I would be ever go grateful. :slight_smile:

Hi, were you ever able to post your TD-50 keymap?

Hi… circling back on this. Was anybody able to help provide a Roland TD-50x key map?

For some weird reason - upon connecting my newly purchased Roland TD50x and trying to record MIDI, everything is mapped incorrectly. I used the TD30 key map in BFD3, figuring it should be similar, but everything is completely off.

Before I go about trying to map everything manually, I’m hoping someone can tell me if I’m doing something wrong or if in fact, this is expected behavior and I have to go through the process of mapping everything manually.

I have to say, this is pretty disappointing given the TD50x is one of the premier edrum modules on the market for many years.

Hi @digiman57 - were you able to find yours?