Which Expansions Have Bleed?


I am relatively new to BFD. Tbh I ditched it for SD3 because it kept crashing on me and wasn’t sure if it was still being updated, but since then the crashes seem to be fixed now which is great, because this sounds way better than SD3 imo.

Anyways, I was wondering if there was anywhere I can find whether or not an expansion has bleed or not? or if someone could list the expansions that do?

I purchased an expansion and found it doesn’t have the bleed like the core library does… which is very unfortunate as I really like having the bleed.

Thanks in advance!

Hmm tough one without going through all of them.

I would make an educated guess and say all of the kits in the last 6 or 7 years will probably have bleed.

If you say which kits you’re interested in I could probably tell you.

Which kit did you buy that didn’t have bleed?


Thanks for the quick response.

Makes sense I was hoping it was maybe in the manuals or something.

I purchased modern retro which doesn’t appear to have bleed which is a shame. I also have Horsepower and that doesn’t seem to have it either.

I was interested in know if Jazz & Funk and Platinum Samples library has bleed?

All good if not the stock kits are good enough, the Tama Tempesta snare is worth the price alone lol.

I can confirm that Jazz & Funk has bleed.

Awesome thank you for confirming! I’ll probably end up getting that at some point as it sounds good from the limited demos I’ve heard.