Where to find Bfd upgrade

Hi everyone…I need help because I don’t find the latest upgrade of bfd3. I’ve downloaded the latest version of the license manager, create my account in Inmusic to be able to loggin in and the license manager don’t show me my bfd…
I just don’t know what to do.

Click on the line in the LM that says BFD3. Down at the bottom, you should see a button that says Download.

I’ve got nothing in the LM

And nothing in the download area.

Is it connected to you inMusic account? It will need that to pick up your license information.

Yes it is. InMusic account created but how to get my bfd in Inmusic account?

What do you see when you log into inMusic with your browser? Are any products there?

Did you go to your old FXpansion account first and migrate your licenses over?

I did it too. The question is how can register bfd3 in my Inmusic account ? Because I’ve created it but there is nothing in my account.

It sounds like the license migration from FXpansion was hosed. I don’t know of a way you can fix or reinitialize that yourself. Probably just take your old FXpansion license strings, and PM them to @BFD_Drew, and he can issue you new ones and put them in your account. Or, email support@bfddrums.com with the same info. All the old strings still exist over at the FXpansion website, or in your old FXpansion license manager.

Ok thank you for your help.