Where are all my drums...?!

So having had a complete nightmare with BFD since migrating, I’ve FINALLY managed to get it back up and running… only now, I’ve lost all my BFD 1 and Eco drum samples.

I saw a message from ‘BFD Drew’ telling us all to message him our license numbers but - lo and behold - there’s no way of messaging him.

I’m sure BFD came with more than 7 kick drums. Where has the DW kick gone for example? That was a staple sample I used in more or less everything. No it has simply disappeared!

Is anyone else with me on this?! Where the heck has it all vanished to?!

If you find a thread where @BFD_Drew has posted, and click on his username at the top of a post, you should be able to send him a message.

Sorry to hear you are having problems, hang in there and hopefully someone will be along with suggestion/solutions.

Not sure which version of BFD you mean but BFD1 & 2 had 1 DW Kick and BFD3 has 3 of them.
The one in BFD Eco would have been the same as the one in BFD2 minus the ambient channel and a few less velocity layers.


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