When will I be able to use BFD3.4 offline?

Glad to be here at last.

I do have one real issue as I have reverted back to BFD3.3 because I cannot use 3.4 offline as it instantly crashes Cubase 11. It is important to me because, firstly I have always worked offline and secondly I live out in the country and have internet dropouts. I will reinstall as soon as I am told that I can work offline.

When is this likely to happen?


Hey, silhouette, good to see you here!

It’s a bummer. I just tested this. I turned off my router and launched BFD. A message appeared saying that the product has been disabled, and a license is needed.

The License Manager popped up, complained about no internet, and nothing more was possible. That’s really bad.

Drew’s off work until Monday, so I wouldn’t expect any news earlier than that.

Let’s hope the next License Manager update fixes this.

Like-wise ggmanestraki. I am hoping that this is a mistake in the License Manager or 3.4 which looks for affirmation from the License Manager. If it is 3.4 we will have to wait until an update. There is no way I am trying again until this is sorted as it took me such a long time to reconstruct 3.3 so that Cubase could see all my kits and make my projects viable again.