What's the name of the original mixes from the recording session?

Hi friends,

BFD Newbie here.
I would like to find the original mixes from the recording session of the kits.
In SD3 I can find it named as original mix (I usually start from there to have better phase coherent starting point and more of what the engineer heard in the day).

Thank you

Not sure I understand what you mean by original mixes.
Are you saying you want to hear the presets without their effects/processing?

If that’s the case, there’s an on/off button on the mixer, it’s the last button in the row on the right.


Hi Steve,

When you record, usually the engineer raise some faders to get a rough balance and that’s it.
I would like to find the rough balance (without FX) and with the original Kit pieces.

Thank you for your help

If you want to hear a preset without effects, just turn off the global effects button as I said.

If you want just the kits, then load from the ‘Kits’ tab which is to the right of the presets tab.

ALL of the BFD3 kits are unprocessed, unless it says otherwise.

Just want to be sure you know the difference between presets and kits.

Presets will have effects, mixer settings, key map and automation settings as well as grooves and other global settings included.
You can chose not to load any one of those settings by un-checking the associated buttons when loading a preset.
When you load from the Kits tab, it will load a kit with no mixer settings, effects or any other settings.


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Hi Steve,

thanks again.
Yes, I am familiar with the terms and with the FX off situation.
When I load a Kit, it comes with some balance or all the faders to zero (It’s just to know what they think/hear on the recording session like I ask a band a rough mix)?

Another interesting question is ( I am not finding this on the manual):
what the Comp 1 and Comp 2 mics are? And Mono 1 , Mono 2, Room, Mono 3 and Amb3

Thank you so much