What Is Included in an Expansion Pack?


When I download an expansion pack, does it just download new drum articulations or does it also download new grooves? Plus, is there a way of determining what exactly has been added with an expansion download? For example, I am particularly interested in Jazz drums and just downloaded Jazz Noir. Is there a way to see what sound/groove elements were added to my system with Jazz Noir. If so, how can that be done?


It will nearly always tell you what’s included on the page for that expansion.

Here’s an example. Jazz Noir gives you all the contents list on the top right paragraph apart from associated midi grooves.

I do have it and there are midi grooves attached with each preset but they don’t show up under Jazz Noir in the groove library. One of them is an Erskine groove so it might be that the presets are using your existing libraries and if you don’t have them then there won’t be a groove loaded with some of those presets.

Not sure what you mean by, ‘sound elements’ ?

Another way of seeing everything that is included is by extracting the files in the download and looking through the Installer/Payload/System folders.
There you should find kits/presets/grooves/and processed kit pieces.
Obviously you can’t do that before purchase.