What happened during my absence? WTF?

Hi folks out there,

its been a while. My last time writing over at fxpansion.com in the forum must have been around 2013-ish. Now in 2023 I set up my new studio, and (after almost 10 years of absence) wanted to use my trusty BFD3 which I upgraded to via discount some years ago. But then life took some turns and I never got to use it really.

Now I come back just to realize: BFD belongs no mor to fxpansion, and to further use my software I must migrate my account. Something along those lines.

I was in touch with support, but couldn’t get my account running (solved as per now) nor BFD3. The license manager just refuses to install, because a “instance of BFD3 License manager is running”. Yeah. Totally makes sense.

Can someone please wake me up and tell me this is just a nightmare? I was a happy fxpansion customer, and had very, very good memories using BFD2. What the hell?

Am I the only one experiencing such inconvenience? Can someone please put me in the picture? I feel like everything went south with BFD…

kind regards

Is it really 10 years? I remember your name, were/are you a cakewalk user too?

So are you saying the message about the LM appeared on the very first time you tried to install it?

I’m guessing you downloaded the latest version ( here. BFD Downloads


10 years is an eternity (and then some) for the Software/Sampling World…
Fxpansion was aquired by ROLI in 2016…
Needless to say ROLI didn’t do much with it…
Aquired by InMusic 2020 …and currently going through the process…BFD Drums (inMusic)

For the most part and what I have gathered…the Fxpansion Team is intact missing a few players…SKoT McDonald Principal Software Engineer (inMusic)…Angus Hewlet,Rhiannon McLaren are/were with ImageLine (FL Studio etc)…John Emrich…NFUZD…then Alesis (inMusic)…and as far as I know he gave notice Nov 2022 and his last day was about 3 months ago…
Drew and the rest are busy rebuilding/getting BFD current,(macos,Vst3,AAx etc)…and the next phase…BFD Player…and BFD4… as with other developers COVID slowed it all down.
If by “New” Studio means a new machine you are going to have to Migrate if you installed using all the Fxpansion Installers as the Fxpansion servers are gone and the old Auth/Serial numbers etc are no longer valid…and installation locations have changed…and the most important change…the Software does a online serial number check every 90 days.
You will need all your info (email address,Serials etc) from your Fxpansion account…
You are also required to have an inMusic Account/profile …sounds like from what is in your post you have already done this…
Follow the Migration process…check through the “New forum” posts there are members here that will assist as much as possible and issues with the old BFD1 and BFD2 core libraries (they are now expansions Eldorado…London Sessions…Percussion) contact Drew…

BFD Migration to inMusic (Fxpansion)

BFD Migration (inMusic)

That’s about it…

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If you’ve already done the migration from your Fxpansion account to inMusic (which it sounds like you did), then most of your products will automatically transfer over with new serial #'s to inMusic, no prob. However, there were a few products that weren’t eligible for migration including, BFD1, BFD2, ECO and a few of the earlier expansions. You should be able to get replacement serials for that stuff. Read here:

Note that for BFD1 + 2, you will need to authorize the new serials for those, Eldorado and London Sessions and download the audio content for those. You won’t be able to use the existing installs you have of BFD1 + 2 because they are packaged differently. The inMusic LM and BFD3 will only recognize the Eldorado and London Sessions expansions. Same audio content.

Take note that your user/Documents location with presets, kits, maps and grooves, etc., is now BFD Drums and not Fxpansion. You can have the new BFD3 migrate (at any time) your old user files, or just manually move/copy them to the BFD Drums location.

There’s some good and bad with the move to inMusic, but if you can get BFD running, the experience will be similar for the most part.

BFD is Moog’s little brother now.

Hey guy, thank you so much for your help! It’s great to see the old spirit alive and well!

@Steve63 Hey pal, I remember your forum picture as well as your name. We had plenty of discussions, all of them in good spirit; feels even more home now to see you pop up here!

I know that the time I’ve been away from BFD software is in computer terms quite an aeon! So, I did not expect everything to run right from the beginning. Well, I am glad that some of the old staff are still on board.

@Tumulte Thank you for your brief summary of what I have missed so far (“Lately on BFD3…”) - the links you supported have also been send to me by the support (Sam). I think in a matter of (hopefully) a short amount of time I should be good to go. As of today I received another mail from support, and I think I am close to the finish line. I’ll keep you informed.

It was quite a shock to see so many changes that collapsed over me like a Tsunami. And I was even more shocked to hear that all authorisations are nil now, and you have to start on a fresh page.


If by “New” Studio means a new machine you are going to have to Migrate if you installed using all the Fxpansion Installers as the Fxpansion servers are gone and the old Auth/Serial numbers etc are no longer valid…

I really meant new, as in new rooms, new gear (for the most part) - moving from one side of the building to another, more secluded area with proper acoustic treatment. My old Tascam DM3200 (now 15 years old, but still in service and reliable and trusty as ever) is still up and running though :wink:

I initially (not knowing about the changes around BFD) installed all the old libraries (I thought, I had that done and could install BFD3 on top of it all…) - as it turns out, this already was one big mistake.

So, all fingers crossed now :smiley:

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I must lengthen my snarkiness…

YES! Got it running - migrated my account, got BFD3 finally installed (only to find out the core library does not consist of my BFD2 library) - but hey: all in all I am quite happy :slight_smile:

Might dive into the BFD2 issue later that year, for the time being I gotta sort things out. Oh - not to forget! My Taiko Drums, Maple Custom, Oak Custom, ZIldjian Vault as well as BFD heavy are freshly installed, authorized and usable. Again. After ten years. Oh the memories!

Allright mates, have a good one,

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The BFD2 library was repackaged and is now called The London Sessions.

You’ll need to PM @BFD_Drew with your old BFD2 serial and your log in details and he’ll be able to issue you with a new serial.


Just jumping in to say thanks for the history lesson. It’s all starting to make more sense now.

I am in a similar situation - over 10 years away (various health issues, living off grid etc…). Had no idea FXansion had dropped BFD. It’s weird to be ‘back’. I still can’t figure out if BFD is a dying product or an ‘exclusive’ product with less aggressive marketing…

Anyway, I have a quick question… has anyone else found their old FXpansion login fails? I’ve just submitted a ticket with ROLI … just wondering if it was a common issue. I need to access my old FX account to migrate old sample packs, right?


Just checked, and I was still able to log into my FXpansion account. Have you double-checked your login credentials?

Bummer, nobody got this or just not funny?
(DFAM is Moog’s Drummer from Another Mother)

I’m pretty sure it’s right. I’ve contacted ROLI. Hopefully I can give them enough info to get it back again…

I might have an old CD with user/ password backups on it. I’ll dig around tomorrow :slight_smile:

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