What Does Set/Clear Leading Hand Do?

You can set one drum to be the ‘leading hand’ in a groove lane. What does that do?

Do you mean with the paint tool? Or something else?

No, if you go to the instrument lane in the Groove Editor and right click on it where it actually says ‘Snare’, ‘Hihat’, ‘High Tom’, etc, a little pop up lets you either Set Leading Hand or Clear Leading Hand for the kit piece, and also, let’s you set a period of a specific length (which I also don’t understand). When you set it, that kit piece gets a little BFD telephone pole symbol.

Hmmm haven’t used that ever. Only with the paint tool.

And you say you can assign just one of the articulations?

I won’t have access to be BFD for a week or so, or I would jump in to check it out right away, but right now I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the left/right mouse button tool assignment, or with automatically modifying velocities of the draw tool depending on whether dominant is activated or not.

It’s a different symbol than the one that allows you to split a rudiment to two pieces with the paint tool, right? I can’t make it out very well in the second picture, the little window’s in the way.