What do you use the wood snares pack with?

ive been liking the wood snares expansion lately, was wondering what cymbals and kicks you use with the snares, like bfd3 core library or something else? also metal snares too i reckon, ive never felt sure what exactly they were made to be used with, like what would hypothetically work best to pair them with

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I’ve so far, only used the Canopus Zelkova with the Modern Retro Tama kit in a project and thought it paired well. Basically just swapped the snare out… no mixing/matching from other expansions. I generally like to keep my expansion kits with most of the stock kit pieces. The snare is the only thing I may swap. I think this helps keep the vibe of the kit intact. I will add extra cymbals if I need them though.

Just pick a kit where you like the shells and cycle through your expansion snares to see what may sound the best. There are no real rules at the end of the day.

I use it with metal snares and Dark Farm, pretty much exclusively now.