Welcome to the BFD Player forum

Welcome to the BFD Player sub-forum! This forum is intended for user-to-user communication and support. If you wish to get product support, the number one place to get it is by using the contact support page here: Support : BFD Drums

What is BFD Player?

  • A streamlined version of the BFD engine, focused on delivering a smooth and easy experience for e-drummers and songwriters alike.
  • Preset based engine that gives you production ready presets, as well as an Original Mix preset, which gives you the RAW sound of the drumkit from the recording session, with no additional processing.
  • A 3D view where you can preview and load drums in the preset.
  • A simple mixing experience where you can change levels, tweak macros that control the sound of the preset, and route signals out into your DAW.
  • A groove browser where you can preview patterns and drag them out into your DAW - there is a drum-track coming in a future version!
  • The software is completely free. It comes with a high quality and very detailed 5GB DW drumkit, which is great for pop, rock, and heavier genres.
  • There are currently two paid-for expansion packs on sale, London 70’s and Dark Mahogany.
  • There will be a whole eco-system of expansion packs, groove packs, and preset packs.
  • The prices are very accessible and affordable.
  • There will be more features added to the software over time.