Weird spike that causes track muting in reaper

I am having a random issue with continuous audio spike that comes from some bfd channels in reaper. I can’t predict when it will happen, but have to reload the project if it does, and it is likely to happen soon after re loading. It only started a couple of weeks ago, but made things unusable to the point where I went and bought superior drummer to have a stable program that i like the sound of.

this sounds like a similar problem i had, only the spikes were mostly repeatable. The song would play for a bit and then kill the audio with a large pop. the “land mines” seemed to be somewhat dependent on exactly where I started playback, but nothing consistent enough to resolve the issue. the only way to recover was to close the project and restart the audio interface.

could replicate the problem in two different DAWS (other than Reaper) with the first couple of InMusic re-releases and at the time, noted with two different Drum Drops expansions.

despite extensive effort to sort out BFD3 vs 3rd party expansion vs DAW vs MIDI vs AI buffers/drivers, never arrived at a definitive solution.

was eventually able to comp together a complete playback after multiple attempts and exported the drums as audio files to finish the project.

Are the “audio spikes” in the mixer channel in BFD3?
Are you routing the audio outs of BFD3 to Reaper channels?
Any particular expansion?

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I am routing out to 7 channels in reaper. I use mostly imperial drums but am pretty sure it happens with other ones. Kind of pushed me to buy superior drummer 3, as it is the only drums vsti that has sounds I like for most of my music. Bloody expensive though.

I’m having the same problem in Studio One.

fwiw, i checked my issues in two different DAWs, one being Studio One, so pretty sure it’s -not- a issue with a DAW.

Mine always failed on the first hihat note.

When I switched to a different hihat the problem was resolved.

@tonygward was the hihat from a different expansion? if so, might be helpful to know what the two expansions were.