Wav to bfdlac anyone?

Recently bought original Zildjian Vault DVD and the samples were in wav format. Converted to 16bit using bfdlac tool and managed a 4:1 ratio compared to downloadable version from inmusic. So here’s the question… Why BFD doesn’t allow a wav download of the libraries or a 16bit super compressed one for us lazy ones enough to plug external drives when composing on the couch. Is there something I’m missing? Lastly, of course I prefer 16bit full dynamics than 24bit with only 10 files per instrument… Sorry for the long post plus my english. Have a great year everyone!

Soooo… It doesn’t work… I guess the old serial is somehow embedded in the samples while inmusic sent me a new serial for the product. Sp1+Sp2 compressed at 2.8GB while the downloaded version is 8.3GB.

The downloadable one should be BFDLAC or is that not what you want?

I’m a bit confused by the above, how do you think 16bit has a greater dynamic range than 24bit?
I think you’ll find it’s the other way round.
Also, the BFDLAC files were reduced from 24bit to 20bit with a lossless compression format.


Just saying that we should have the option of downloading 16bit versions of the libraries which are 3 times smaller than the 20bit ones that inmusic provides. Of course 16bit is worse dynamic range but What I wrote is that I prefer having more instrument dynamics at lower quality (16bit) than less instruments dynamics at better quality (20bit). Ideally, having 16bit libraries in my laptop’s main drive and the 20bit ones in an external ssd would be great. Imagine 150GB of samples reduced to 50. If you (like me) had a 1TB internal drive in your laptop that would make a huge difference.

I’m pretty sure that’s what happens during installation.

You will be asked if you want to install the full detailed version or the economy version.
I thing the economy version will be 16bit, as well as having reduced velocity layers.



I think by “full dynamics” they mean full velocity layers while being 16bit. It would be nice indeed.

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