VST3 support on M-series CPUs for MacOS?

Am I misunderstanding something? I installed BFD3 on MacOS and… Cubase 13 can’t see it, and I don’t know why. What am I doing incorrectly?

BFD3 doesn’t yet support VST3. So we support M1 Native VST2 and Audiounit at the moment. We are working on VST3 and AAX support currently. Can’t give an ETA on when that would be ready.

Yikes, okay. Well, that kills BFD3 for Cubase 13 so far, which is… unfortunate. BFDPlayer works, but not BFD3 itself.

I am running BFD3 in Cubase 13. I’m on Windows 11 AMD Ryzen 9 64gig memory. So far I don’t seem to have a problem with it.

At present I’m having more trouble with C13 shutting randomly but with no crash logs. For me C13 is somewhat unstable, that’s not to say it’s unstable for everyone else.

Running with or without BFD 3 C13 is unstable.

Sorry - My bad - only saw the last post. Didn’t read the title.

Yeah. It’s a problem limited to the M-series CPUs, I think - I was on an Intel CPU with MacOS and everything was peachy, now I can’t find BFD3 in Cubase at all. VST2 isn’t supported, except in Rosetta mode, and… hey, I have the CPU power to spare, I guess, but I don’t wanna. I’d much rather see BFD3 use an API that’s been out for fifteen years now.