VST3 Support / Cubase 12 compatibility

Cubase 12 will arrive in 2022 and there is a clear announcement that it won’t support vst 2 anymore. Will BFD3 be delivered as vst3?


Bloody good question


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VST3 will be unsupported on M1 native Cubase first, the rest will follow later. I’m on M1 now and will definitely need that VST3 version soon as Cubase 12 comes out.

Aaaaand Steinberg drops VST2 completely in 2 years for all their products (Cubase, Nuendo, Wavelab etc.). Which means if BFD 4 comes out as VST 3 in the meantime, a simple upgrade will suffice and all’s well, but if BFD 4 doesn’t come out in two years time, what then? Somehow I don’t think BFD3 will make VST3 in time, or ever for that matter.