Virtually Erskine snare bottom mics? + My thoughts

Does this expansion not include snare bottom mics for some reason?

Regardless, this is a pretty cool expansion. I disobeyed my orders, by buying something BFD during the last sale and took a gamble on this for $29. On paper, this appeared to have good value, with two distinct kits and also including a compliment of cymbals. I love Rides and it has four of them and they sound nice, the Proto being my fav I think.

I only did a quick fader mix, but overall I find the kits to be very organic and lively sounding. The room sound is small and intimate and really gives you the impression that you’re in there with the drums. I feel like this would be fun to play with an eKit. The kits, especially the jazz one would be great to mangle, or get a lo-fi sound. One of the Jazz kicks sounded a little floppy to me and not as useable out of the box as the other, but I probably just need to spend more time with it.

So that’s it, just my quick thoughts on this expansion. I think it was a good buy and you should consider it, when it goes on sale again.

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Fender_ Bender

I have the expansion - and, overall, love it.

Don’t know about the bottom mics, as I’ve never taken any notice. Sometimes, if things sound reasonably ok, I don’t go under the hood.

I would also recommend this pack.

I’m trying to get back into the habit of using BFD3 after having to use Superior drummer for the last few albums.

We’re going to be in for an interesting 12 months, with the release coming up of Cubase 12 and the issue with VST 3

And all the licencing issues with BFD 3

Take note - Steinberg seem to have listened to their customers - with only a one off initialisation in their manager.


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I love this kit! It’s an intimate sound yet still has great “air” in the room too. I use it a lot and don’t really change it too much. The “round” kick can be a bit much but it’s still great in the mix most times.