Using Simmons SD1000 modules with BFD3?

Hello to all:

I have combined 3 Simmons kits (two of SD1500 and one of SD1000) into a mega-kit. I’m trying to understand what BFD3 is and how I might use it if possible with my Simmons modules/pads. Can I play my Simmons pads with the sounds in BFD3, and how do I go about doing that…do I connect the USB-Out from the modules to my MacBook or PC laptop with a USB hub, open BFD3, and that’s all there is to the physical connections/cables? Thanks in advance for any advice!

Hello. Could you make it work?
Thats the way i use it with my Roland module.
Usb from the module’s output to my computer and that’s it.

Simmons should work just fine.
Maybe you could have some problems with the midi mapping. Not sure if there”s a Simmons preset