Upgrading kit piece on audition?

This is a first. Opened an old project (still BFD3), checking HH options and got this weird “upgrading” dialog in both the Drums and Mixer channel display. Took some time to complete, and then no HH sound at all. Had to close the project, rebooted, managed to recover.

Anybody know what’s going on with this?

i have only seen that ‘upgrading’ when i used old BFD2 pieces and it converted them over to BFD3 if i am not mistaken

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Thx, helps to know someone else has seen it and it’s not a new “feature” :slight_smile:

As a long time user of both BFD2 and BFD3 since they were released, this was a first. It took a while on a pretty fast system. Perhaps it was previously faster or normally “under the hood” (as in on initial loading)? And a bit curious about what is being “converted”. Sample twks to support newer features? Ambient channel mappings? in case it affects any presets.

Correct. Not new. AFAIK not a BFDLAC thing, but some other BFD2->BFD3 thing. I think it’s just file format. I still run into it occasionally - if I’ve reinstalled a library that’s still distributed in BFD2 format, for instance.

I think it is a BFDFLAC thing. As far as I understand it, it will occur if you use a kit piece of the pre-BFDFLAC era. This kit piece will then be converted to the BFDFLAC format online. This is a one time process and the next time you use this same kit piece it will load without the message.
I think there was a batch version of the BFDFLAC conversion tool that you could apply to your whole BFD samples folder so that all kit pieces were converted to the new format at once.

I had FLACed most of my older wav content some time ago but ran into problems with some cymbals and didn’t complete the task. Perhaps this was one that got left behind until the recent audition.

That would be a major speedbump though if this went on for every kit piece…