Upgraded to 3.4.2 frustration!

I have upgraded my BFD software to the latest 3.4.2 and it has screwed everything up in the Content Locations. I have about half of the drums of what I used to seeing. When I go to BFD3 Content Locations is shows that I don’t have a BFD2 License. WTH? I do have it and I have used it for many years. I still have the physical box and CD! There is a snare in there that I have used for many tracks that I can no longer access.

When I search the entire drive it still says I need the license. When I click on the little “License!” thing, it opens the BFD License Manager and tells me everything is activated. But BFD2 is not listed. Why is that?


BFD2 is now The London Sessions and if you contact support on the email I gave in the other post or or PM @BFD_Drew they should issue you with a ‘FREE’ serial number for BFD/London Sessions.


I didn’t know that they packaged BFD2 into the London Sessions. I have PM @BFD_Drew about this issue and we will shall see what happens.

I think it was about 3 or 4 years ago they released the London sessions as it’s in the BFDLAC format.


Wow! Thats how far behind I am. I hate updating software. The new BFD 3.4.2 will not install on my Macbook Pro that I use for my live performance because of my OS.


Don’t apple pretty much force their new updates on users every time?

The fact that it won’t install makes e think maybe BFD3 isn’t supported on High Sierra. :thinking:


EDIT. I see Mac Sierra is 5 years old so it’s more likely the other way round and that you’ll need to update your OS to a compatible version to install BFD3.

He’s on High Sierra. I am too and BFD3 is working fine for me. I chimed in on OP’s other post as well.


Just reading this post, leaves me a little confused.

Im still trying to resolve the BFD2 library issue myself. I bought BFD2 when it first arrived and it was fully licensed with the FxSpansion licensor and still shows as such. However the standalone software is now out of date for my OS (OSX Monterey) but the audio library should be OK.
I also upgraded to BDF3 when that first came out and that utilised the BFD2 libraries

I noticed that the BFD2 library is incorporated into the London Sessions Expansion pack, but surely the existing BFD2 users don’t have to pay for this again just to use the libraries they have already paid for? Shouldn’t that be a free update for BFD3 users who upgraded?

The fact inMusic only seemed to acquire the rights to BFD3 and not previous versions seem to have made updating the BFD3 capability to be able to use the BFD2 library via the inMusic licensor version difficult. I see Drew had been manually converting some licences for BFD2 to make the licence number compatible with the new in music licensor introduced for their BFD3 acquisition. Im hopefully on on that list now having sent him the details he needs but he’s on his Christmas break now so it may be a while. Clearly no auto licence converter exists yet which makes this an overhead task for Drew.

I thought that the BFD2 standard libraries which were not converted to bdflac but still in the WAV format could be read without this licence issue but the new licencsor reports these as unlicensed content as well now so they won’t auto load through BFD3. Anyone know if they can imported as WAV files in another way? (I retained the original BFD2 library formats as WAV as well as converting them with the FxSpansion Converter to bdflac)

Thanks for any observations / info

BFD2 content was repackaged as London years ago, way back in the FXpansion days. It has a different license string. Per the process which you’re going through, BFD2 owners will get a new London license string by emailing Drew.

None of this has anything to do with bfdlac. The content and the license string aren’t connected. An expansion pack could be wav or bfdlac, and could still work or not work in BFD3. Bugs aside, whether it works or not is entirely dependent on whether you have a matching license key for the license string, and the LM is able to subsequently download the appropriate auth code.

Thanks for info.

But surely just getting the London licence string from Drew would mean an existing BFD2 licence holder would also have to buy the London Session pack which they have the basic files for already as its simply a re-record of the wavs existing in BFD2.

Those existing BFD2 wavs should be useable in BFD3 as they used to be with FxSpansion.

Are you saying no one can used existing BFD2 original library in BFD3 now unless they buy the London Sessions Expansion?

I have already sent my BFD2 serial number to Drew so presumably should get a key for that as the original version so shouldn’t need the London Session Expansion.


No, they don’t have to buy anything else. You sent Drew your BFD2 license key. He’ll give you a new London license key. Once you enter the key in your license manager, you’ll be able to download the latest London repackaging via your license manager. I went through the process.

To be clear, if you had BFD2 or London on fxpansion, then you are entitled to London on BFD3, without any additional purchase. You have to redownload and reinstall the expansion pack, which you do through the LM, but otherwise, the content is exactly the same. The only functional difference is that it is now linked to a BFDdrums license string instead of an FXpansion string.

OK Kafka, thanks for that update, I now understand how that transition works. That clarity much appreciated. Just need to wait for Drew to get back from holiday.

I don’t suppose there’s anywhere I can download the London Sessions Expansion in advance of the key to save a little time whilst waiting for Drew.?


No, even if you had it, it wouldn’t work. It’s that license key that does the trick.

OK Thanks.



If you follow these instructions, you should not have anymore missing drums, or having BFD take 2 minutes to disable BFD3 when inserted in Pro Tools (that’s how I knew ours was corrupted), crashes, etc. I was told that BFD2 is not compatible with BFD3.4., and that “London expansion pack” is the replacement for it.

DELETING ALL BFD FOLDERS (besides content)

  1. I first backed up Presets, at User > Documents > BFD Drums or was Expansion (copied entire folder with “kits, presets, maps”)

  2. Used BFD2 and BFD3 Uninstallers. Also used CleanMyMac to uninstall “Fxpansion License Manager”, to make sure it completely trashed.

  3. I went to all locations and deleted BFD files, such as the main Library >
    App Support > Fxpansion and BFD folders.

  4. As above, User > Documents…

  5. Then deleted all User > Library > Preferences for BFD and FxPansion.

INSTALLING BFD3.4 (don’t install any older installers)

BFD was still not showing all my Expansion Packs in stand alone BFD3.4 under the “Library” button. Many drums were still missing, such as all the BFD3 drums said “0”.


What actually fixed the issue (drums not showing and taking minutes to disable bfd plugin inserted in Pro Tools, was when I basically deleted all my content, and redownloaded each Expansion Pack and install it from the BFD License Manager. I ended up deleting BFD Rock Tambourines, BFD2 (London Session is replacement for BFD2), and BOMB (Marching Drums and Orchestral is the replacement for BOMB).


Mac Pro 2013
OSX Mojave 10.14.6
Pro Tools 2021.12
Interface 003 Rack (Black Lion Mod)