UPDATE BFD3 AAX Apple silicon native URGENT!

Hello dear users,
It’s disgusting that I can’t use my Pro Tools with all the other virtual instruments already updated to AAX Apple Silicon Native, because I have to open it in Rosseta 2 mode due to the lack of a simple BFD3 update that left out the AAX format! And don’t tell me it’s difficult, because they recently launched the BFD Player with native Apple Silicon AAX support, and unfortunately it doesn’t add the libraries we bought for BFD3, and it’s also a very limited interface.
I appeal to the developers and those responsible for InMusic, make an update available as soon as possible to solve this compatibility with AAX Native Apple Silicon, and also solve the authorization issue. I suggest that it be with Ilok. But the way they’re doing it, it’s immoral!
Yesterday I contacted my lawyers and based on the losses I’ve had with delays in my clients’ projects due to this problem, if this isn’t resolved as soon as possible, my lawyers will take appropriate legal action. And it will be much more expensive than investing in an upgrade, I guarantee it!

The difference is that BFD Player was written with new code in the past year or so and with Apple Silicon in mind, whereas BFD3’s code is ancient from over a decade ago and for Intel/AMD architectures. There are many other plugin devs out there that have had a hard time porting over to Apple Silicon, regardless of the plugin format. Not making excuses… just the reality of it.

Legally, I don’t think there’s anything you can do really. There’s nothing in the software terms & agreement that says inMusic/BFD are obligated in any way to provide AAX support on Apple Silicon within a certain timeframe. The same goes for VST3 support. It’s up to the buyer before they purchase, to make certain of any plugin’s compatibility with the user’s particular system specs and DAW. If it’s unclear on the company’s website for the product, then it is up to the buyer to get in contact with that company’s tech support to find out the answer before purchasing.

I will say though, that they could be more transparent on the BFD3 product page for the system requirements and state which plugin formats are currently supported on which architectures. Transparency is definitely an area where inMusic needs to improve.

The lawyer thing gets me every time :rofl: