[UNDER REVIEW] Unable to export the multi-tracks

Any news on this? I see that someone reported a while ago, but still no solution. So, I am doing it again. I am unable to export the multi-tracks on BFD3, which makes the plugin useless for us, we always edit the tracks on Protools to use high-end plugins. When trying to export the export section goes on a ‘stopping’ bug loop and we have to re-start the plugin. The plugin creates very short wav tracks (few bytes) that doesn’t contain any audio. Please advise!!! Thanks.

Why not just route the output channels from BFD3 into your Pro Tools tracks and record in real-time?
Just make a duplicate BFD3 preset of the kit you’re using with the routing to your DAW for easy recall.

Create a group of the same mono/stereo tracks in PT and select them all. I think if you hold down Option-Shift as you click on the first track’s input in PT to select BFD3’s outputs, it will automatically add the rest of the inputs. With the drum group selected, just record-enable one of the tracks + input monitoring and hit record.

I’ve done this in PT with great results. I prefer to print to audio tracks instead of bouncing whenever possible, especially VSTi’s.

I’m not in front of BFD right now. My guess for now is that it’s something like not selecting the master output, or whatever output you want.

Hi @kinhonasc,

Thank you for your report. Could you give us some more information so we are able to reproduce this issue please?

We’d need your BFD and OS versions. Also knowing if your are using it in standalone or as a plugin would be good.

Lastly, some detailed steps to reproduce could be the key to reproducing this. E.g:

  1. Launch BFD3

  2. Navigate to File > Export Groove Audio

  3. Select Arm Channel Groups > All


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Hi @kinhonasc,

Just a friendly reminder about my request.

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Hi Garcia,

Sorry for the delay, I was traveling abroad and just arrived at home. I’m running the latest BFD and the latest Protools version (but the problem also happens on the standalone version). My OS is Mojave (10.14.6). When we try to export tracks the usual way, arming the tracks and exporting to the desktop for example, BFD crashes and does not stop the procedure of exporting. If we click on stop, it stays at ‘stopping’ forever, and we need to close the program and re-start. On the folder of the desktop we can only see very small files of the tracks containing no real audio. We can route the tracks and record real time in protools, etc. But when you need to replace drums on 10 tracks per day average and forward it to other locations, the time consume makes is not viable for us. We have been using a different drums software until this bug is fixed. Thanks.