[UNDER REVIEW] Resetting an Effect's settings is/has been broken

Expected Result:

Right-clicking on an effect (bringing up the pop-up menu) to reset it’s settings should revert to default afaik?

Actual result:

The effect settings don’t change.


Happens every time.

Additional Notes:

This has been a long-time bug for me, but I haven’t felt the need to make a report about it until now. The only way to revert an effect’s setting to default, is to select default in the FX preset menu, but sometimes that doesn’t even work. I have to select another preset first and then select default. Then, it will eventually revert the settings.

Edit: I forgot to mention, I’m running macOS Mojave, but this behavior was the same on High Sierra as well.

Not a repro, but just a screenshot of bringing up the pup-up menu to reset, in case there was any confusion.

Hi @Fender_Bender

Thank you for reporting this, I have passed your findings onto the team to investigate this issue.

Kind regards, Rayne

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To the team FYI - This seems to be working as it should on macOS Big Sur on.a macbook pro. I will try replicate on MAc Pro runinng macOS Monterey later today.

Works fine on Mac Pro runinng macOS Monterey latest version. tested on 3 different kits and 6-7 different effects!