[UNDER REVIEW] Broken catalog pack link


the following links are deads. Could you fix them please :

http://cdn.inmusicbrands.com/BFD/2020/Demo_Packs/BOSPE_1.zip (raw size=140921334)
http://cdn.inmusicbrands.com/BFD/2020/Demo_Packs/KBKNH_1.zip (raw size=464822066)


First one works for me but the second one leads to 404, indeed.

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Same as @FromAutumn 1st one downloads but 404 on the other one.

Is this the free kit you were offered when you migrated?


Correct for the first link, only the KBKNH is dead.

They are demo kit in the catalog.

Hi @VoilierBleu ,

Thank you for the report, we shall investigate and be in touch should we require further information.

Kind regards,