[UNDER REVIEW] BFD3 quits unexpectedly during "Migrate Now"


On MacBook Pro (M1 Pro) I am trying to click “Migrate Now” button but it always causes BFD3 to terminate with a message “BFD3 quit unexpectedly.” I can send you the full error report as a private message. Please help!

macOS 12.0.1

I’m going to suggest not using the Migrate Now button at all. It just copies presets from your old FXpansion directories into the BFDDrums directories.

You may still have issues with Monterey/M1, as it’s not supported yet. But regardless of that, I found the Migrate Now just wasn’t as clean as manually copying the presets you want over.

Ok, that’s good to know, I could do it manually. Can anyone give me the terminal commands to carry out the migration?


Hi @xzmotion ,

Thanks for the report. If you could send me the error report, that would be most helpful. In the meantime, I have raised the issue.

Kind regards,

Hi @Clive,

Just sent the error report. I would really appreciate if you could send me the exact steps how to migrate manually.

Currently BFD3 works in standalone mode (although not migrated) but not under Logic Pro, where it only says “Searching…” and does not find anything (presets, kits etc.), so drums can’t be played. When I try to rescan the content directories BFD3 gets locked up.

I’m looking for any help how to get the plugin working.

Please try adding your directories to BFD3 one at a time - in standalone, not in the DAW.

In standalone the presets are found but not in plugin mode. I have already set the content directories and they are visible in the Set up content locations page on both standalone and plugin but when I go to the plugin, BFD3 keeps searching and can’t find anything.