[UNDER REVIEW] BFD3 Memory management issues?

Hello folks -

Fresh install of BFD3. Cubase 11.010.321. MacOS Mojave. 2013 Mac Pro 12-Core with 128 GB RAM.

I was putting together a template that involved BFD3 and also strings - SampleModeling Strings, which run on Kontakt and are fairly low on RAM, and VSL Strings, in their own Vienna Instruments Pro plugins, which are pretty low too and seem to get along with everyone.

Used them for several hours without BFD3.

Then I instantiated BFD3. Because I was getting truncated notes previously when running it in standalone, and after trying many different settings for streaming and RAM usage which only served to change the time I waited for the truncation, I had switched the engine to load into RAM fully. I figured 128GB on the Mac would be enough.

I loaded the 70’s kit #1 up, watched it load, and played it manually. Hit play and heard it play a pattern in sync with the strings I’d already sequenced. Then all of a sudden the other instruments stopped sounding. I could still hear BFD but the other ones wouldn’t play, even if I stopped the sequencer and attempted to play them manually.

Anyone else a) have BFD3 take out other instruments and b) flat refuse to play in a streaming mode even coming off of an NVMe drive capable of almost 1300Mb/sec? Superior will do it, and every other VI I use that streams and is a hog will also do it.

Hello @dragsquares

Thanks for this report, I’m unsure of the cause but I have sent it over to our QA team so they can investigate as they may have a better idea of what’s happening. If we need any more info then we’ll let you know.

Hi @dragsquares

Thank you for your report.

Could you please provide some more details for the reproduction of the issue?

  • BFD3 Version
  • Length of the project in bars
  • Does it occur when using other plugins or is it specific to the ones you listed?
  • Does it occur when using other BFD3 kits or only 70’s kit #1?

Many thanks,

Hi @dragsquares,

Just a friendly reminder about my previous request.

Many thanks,