[UNDER REVIEW] BFD3 crashes when loading a preset

  • BFD Version

  • Steps to Reproduce:
    Double-click Preset in the Presets browser pane

  • Expected Result:
    Chosen Preset loads

  • Actual Result:
    BFD3 Standalone, or DAW crashes immediately.

  • Reproducibility:
    Happens every time

  • Additional Notes:
    The only way I can change Presets is to select a new Startup Preset in BFD3 Preferences and open BFD3 again. Running macOS 10.14.6 Mojave and Pro Tools 2021.6. I tried removing all content paths, adding them again and restarting computer.
    Update: This was the behavior 8 hours ago. Today, BFD3 Standalone will load a new Preset, but Pro Tools still crashes. Nothing on my setup has changed.

  • Crash Logs:
    BFD Crash Logs.zip (130.8 KB)

Hi @Fender_Bender

Thank you for this, I have passed your report onto the team to look into.

Kind regards, Rayne

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Thanks @Rayne.

Update: In Pro Tools I have an instrument track preset saved with BFD3 on it and normally use this Pro Tools track preset to create an instance of BFD3 when I need it and it’s apart of my main template. I was thinking this could be the culprit somehow… maybe a corrupt track preset file?

So I created a new, blank instrument track and inserted BFD3 onto that track (not using a track preset). I was able to change BFD3 Presets about 4 times and then it froze up as it was before.

Cheers for that update @Fender_Bender!

I’ve got your preferences file now from the other report - could I trouble you to give us a runtime log from this happening please?



BFD3 Runtime.log.zip (32.8 KB)

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@Fender_Bender Thank you!

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Same issue here when running BFD3 as a VST.