[UNDER REVIEW] BFD 3.4.2 causes a lot of problems in Logic

I only get problems using BFD 3.4.2 with Logic X Pro. Logic crashes all the time after working a while. It crashes when trying to bounce a song, not always but a lot. I can be lucky to bounce a song without crashing. Logic crashes when looping a part of the arrangement. After a while the cymbals are choking.
There are a lot of reports in the same kind in this forum.

It’s a no go! my patience is at the end. I hope to find a solution as soon as possible.

I’m using

Logic X Pro 10.6.3
BFD 3.4.2
MacOS 11.6

See my last bug report after crashing and the screenshot.

bug report.rtf.zip (38.3 KB)

Thank you @patbe60 for this information.

I have sent it on to the team for investigation.

Kind regards,