[UNDER REVIEW] Alerts and crashes

For some reason over the last few weeks, I’ve been getting alerts that say no demo products in pack, or something like that. Now I’m getting more and more and a new one that says “failed to add demopack web api load job”, which stops BFD3 from working until I click “OK”, but then it just pops up again a few seconds later.
BFD3 often crashes, I did send the crash dumps by email, but didn’t get an answer. I’d love to be able to use it more, but mostly I have to stick with BFD2 for stability for now.

These alerts are happening now whether I have BFD3 running or not. What can I do?

Hi @Lee,

Thanks for the report! Would you be able to describe any reproduction steps, or does the issue occur at random? An idea of the things that can lead to these alerts would be very useful for our investigation.

Also, what version of BFD3 are you running please?

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Hi Logan, thanks for the reply.
It has always been quite random. I sent the crash dumps to fxpansion and steinberg (I use Cubase), but neither managed to come back to me with any reason why.
I’m on version 3.3.1, I didn’t even know BFD was aquired by inMusic, or who even they were, so I’ve just migrated this morning and update to 3.4. Hopeffully that’ll fix it.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for the info, I’ve updated the team investigating now. Please do let us know if you continue to have this issue on 3.4!

If you do experience the issue on your latest install, you should be able to upload the crash dumps directly to this forum post.

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This is turning into quite a waste of time.

So I’ve migrated successfully, downloaded the licence manager and authorised my products, but I can’t install 3.4. I get a message saying: BFD licence manager is running, and needs to be updated. Please close all BFD applications and and DAWs and run the installer again.
I did that, same thing happened.

Then I followed the process in this post below, but the same thing happened again.

Hi Lee,

I’m sorry to hear about your issues getting this to work. I understand that Drew has reached out to you via PM, hopefully he will be able to resolve your issue. If you continue to experience problems, please do let us know.

Kind Regards,

Do you know that running the License Manager does not install BFD3 ? When your looking at the window that says “authorized”, you have to click on BFD3 to get the download options below. I learned this the hard way. good luck

Yes thanks, I got that.
I did actually download and start the install process, its just when I got to the last stage and clicked install, this message pops up and I hit a brick wall.
Just gonna have wait and see what Drew comes up with.

Hi Lee, did you manage to solve this? I’m have the same persistent error and Cubase won’t close when I try to close a project. I’m going to try to reinstalled BFD3 but wanted to see if you had any luck.


No, it still regularly crashes Cubase and renders projects un-openable until I open in safe mode and remove BFD3. Given up with it now, have to use BFD2 if I wanna get anything done…