Unable to use BFD for over 2 years now!

I’ve owned BFD since i bought the original BFD with Imperial Drums way back in 2005. I don’t use it all the time but still, I would like to regain access. I have sent emails to BFD and to InMusic for the past 2+ years. No one has ever gotten back to me. I finally stumbled upon this forum and I finally feel hopeful that maybe, just maybe, I could get back my software. Here’s my setup:

I am running an older mid-2012 Mac Pro, OS 10.13.6 with 96GB of memory

I own BFD 2 and BFD3 as well as the original

I own the Taiko expansion products

And I have a few expansion packs.

I cannot get past even loading an Installer. I have downloaded the latest license manager that I could find: BFD License Manager 3.06.22

Now, I cannot even get past registering a product. I plugged in my BFD3 serial number and I get this message: “Serial number failed validation, please check you have typed it correctly” I have downloaded it at least 4 times and have installed, deleted and re-installed this program too many times.

This is an incredible mess. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Where and when did you get your serial number? Serial numbers must be reissued when converting from FXpansion to BFD3.4. Old FXpansion serial numbers don’t work.

I purchased the origin al BFD way back in March of 2005, directly from fxpansion. I purchased the 5 DVD BFD 2 set in 2011. Along the way I also purchased some groove packs including Japanese Taiko Drums, also at the end of 2011. I also bought BFD eco and then BFD3 in Sep of 2013. All y serial numbers have come from fxpansion. I have a lot of fxpansion/bfd products. I would like to get them working again. So I’m guessing that everything needs to be re-issued. How do I get this done when no one from the company has responded to me? The latest messages came only from this forum. Any help/guidance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

The first step is to get an inMusic account on www.bfddrums.com.

The next step should be to email your old serial numbers along with your new account info to support@bfddrums.com. Somebody should get back to you.

And if that hasn’t worked, PM the same info to @BFD_Drew on this forum. He’s the product manager.

If you can’t PM him (yet), follow the instructions in this thread to enable PMing. There’s an anti-spam ritual you have to follow first to prove you’re a real person, or at least a respectable emulation of one. How to Private Message in this forum


@rosindabow Go to your FXpansion account page. There should be a Migration link somewhere on your profile. Then do as Kafka has explained. Make sure you use the same email address for inMusic that you do with FXpansion. BFD3 and your groove packs should migrate fine after that process, but you will need to contact support to get replacement serials for Eco and BFD2.

Hi all - I got most of the licenses back - Yay! Not sure what happened … but I know that funding this forum and posting here made it happen. I tried on and off for years contacting both fxpansion and InMusic with no response at all. This forum immediately got me going. I have yet to try using bad but I hope to get back to it in the next couple of days.

In the meantime - thanks! Truly, thanks a lot - couldn’t have done it without you.

ps_Now I just have to get BFD2 and BFD Eco …you said I have to contact support - which company?

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Or send a PM on this forum to @BFD_Drew