Unable to resize plugin window (reaper)

Hey all, I recently got BFD3 and am using it in Reaper, on macos catalina. It seems to be running great, the only problem I’m having is when I use it as a plugin in reaper, the gui is too large for the plugin window and a lot of important content gets cut out at the bottom. This takes away my ability to mute/solo channels in the mixer, or really do anything at the bottom of the window. The most annoying thing is that if I open the preferences dialogue, I’m unable to close it without deleting the plugin from the chain and re-inserting it, because the button to close it is hidden. The resize arrows don’t help at all, it still ends up being too large.
I don’t have this issue in standalone mode, so it might be a problem with reaper, but I’ve also never had this happen with another plugin. If anyone has a fix for this please let me know, because it’s very annoying