Unable to license core library

I’m not able to open BFD3 in Cubase, but I am able to open it i. standalone. I’ve noticed in stand alone mode that my core library isn’t licensed. I click the license button and it takes me to the LM but it doesn’t actually license anything? Any suggestions how to fix this so that my core library is licensed? All my expansion packs are licensed, and my core library grooves are licensed, but my core library won’t license for some reason.

The BFD3 core library license is the BFD3 software license. So, if BFD3 works, the content license is good. What are you looking at in the LM or in BFD3 that makes you think that content in particular isn’t licensed?

One weird quirk is that you have to be logged into inmusic via your browser to get the LM to work, at least initially.