'Unable to launch because the plugin appears corrupted' popup


I have been unable to launch BFD3 for some time now and found one thread where other users have had the same issue. I was advised by Joeface53 (inMusic Staff) to report it in here.

This is the original thread: Unable to launch because the plugin appears corrupted - #8 by Joeface53


Hey @AMcG

I assume you’ve already raised a support ticket as well, but I’ll try and help in the mean time.

Is your issue with Pro Tools as well? Could you tell me if you’re on mac or windows? What OS are you on? If you are on mac, do you have an intel or an apple silicon processor? What version of BFD3 are you on?


Hi @Joeface53,

Since having this issue, BFD no longer appears in Pro Tools. The message appears when launching the standalone app.

I am a Mac user. Sierra 10.12.6, 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 using BFD


I had an issue with BFD3 in Pro Tools 2020 on Mojave not showing up. I re-installed BFD3 and that seemed to fix it.