Unable to execute new BFD version with old processor


i post the bug bellow the 26 may in section “BFD3.4.0.24 - Bug Reports”, I have been waiting for 6 months to be able to use 1000€ of software with this new version :triumph: I am against the programmed osolescence and I do not see why I should update my hardware when this one allows me latencies of 2ms with the previous version…
Please, should you authorize the use of old hardware ? :pleading_face:

  • Steps to Reproduce:
    Launch BFD or newer on PC with AMD Phenom processor
  • Expected Result:
    Access to the software
  • Actual Result:
    Message “You processor doesn’t not support SSE4.1 instructions”.
  • Reproducibility:
  • Additional Notes:

I followed successfully all of the migration process.
But I can’t execute the new version with this message “Your CPU doesn’t support SSE4.1 instructions”. It works great with last version, i have a dedicated PC for music with AMD Phenom processors (6 cores at 2,8Ghz/16 Go RAM/SSD disks/Asio audio card) and no problem of performance.
So could you set this requirement optionnal or give me the instruction to revert back.
I try to revert back but now when i launch the version the gui is closing immediately.

Thanks for your help.