Unable to Authorize BFD3 on M1 MAC using Reaper

I have tried these steps (that worked for me using Logic) - see below. Unfortunately, I’m unable to get BFD3 to authorize when using Reaper on my M1 MacBook running OS Monteray. Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Open the LM and log out, then close the LM

  • Now open your browser and log in to your inMusic account.

  • Close your browser and open the LM.

  • You should now be logged in.


Hey drew and cross, cross has been here for 21 days without a reply (bad time of year to get noticed! :slight_smile: ). Just calling on Drew in case this thread got missed.

Anyone else got any tips to help cross get BFD running?

Update - I can get BFD3 to instantiate, but when I use the Wizard or manually try and scan the content folders, BFD3 hangs. As in the blue spinning status icon is not spinning and the buttons on the content window become unresponsive.