Unable to authorize after reinstalling the operating system

I am a Chinese user. After I updated my Mac to Monterey 12.0.1, the BFD 3 main program always prompts me that the BFD License Manager is not logged in, but I confirm that I have logged in. After trying countless times to log in again, I gave up, and then I had to return the system to Big Sur 11.6.1, but this time I was prompted that I could not authorize … :sweat:

Run the licence manager and log out, next close the licence manager and open up your web browser and log in to your inmusic account and then close your browser.
Now when you open the licence manager you should be logged in.


I don’t get this far with it. There is an issue retrieving my products list. No log in or out or any of that means anything at all to this.

Got the exact same problem. I haven’t been able to log at all in months. It’s pretty annoying

have you contacted support?



I have and they’ve stopped replying :man_shrugging: