Trouble signing into inMusic account

Has anyone had any problems signing into their account?

Kind regards,

Living Room Rocker

I haven’t here. What problems are you seeing?

I sign in as typically and the page seems to just reset itself. I made a couple of attempts until I tried to reset my password, but that does the same it resets itself.

Kind regards,

Living Room Rocker

P.S. When I try to reset my password, no e-mail is sent.

Check your spam folder. Delete inMusic cookies from browser?

Yes. I have had weirdness when the license manager logs in. The website gives an error but the LM seems recognizing the log in.

Check. Still does nothing.

Confirmed. I was trying to register my software though, but I see I can do that through LM.

Yeah, you can only authorize BFD products through the LM, different serial # system, than inMusic’s own. This was confusing at first.