[Trivial] Yamaha Drum Cases? Read Here! Solved by Steve63

Ever since we moved to BFD, I cannot make those Yamaha Cases work, I don’t know if a license is needed. I used them in a project and opening it up reminded me of them.

Anyone got them working?

Right, I’ve done some investigating and I suspect like me you have the old BFD2 versions.

Back when I did the migration I noticed on my contents tab there was a yellow warning sign next to the cases telling me to licence them but I wasn’t able to do it.
I just opened up the XML file and noticed it alluded to BFD2.

Luckily I’m still able to log into my old fxpansion account and I saw I could download them from there in BFD3 versions (they’re bonus kits that were included in BFD Oak and the BFD Absolute kits) so I managed to download them without the licence manager, installed them and they’re now working now.

If you’re unable to login to your old fxpansion account and download page I can upload them to mediafire and send you the link.


To be honest, I’m not sure. It’s been so long ago that I can’t remember if I got them in some sort of Sales bundled with my Maple Jazz, or if I had taken a survey, or if it was a demopack I had downloaded.

I have the content, but BFD3.4 won’t scan the folders when I drop them in together with the other packs.

I just can’t tell what’s going on. I could reinstall bfd 2 and check out if it loads ok there.

I just had a look at the info files in the newly downloaded BFD3 versions and they’re still labelled as ‘BFD2KitPieceInfo’ but they work now so that’s the main thing.

I also downloaded the BFD2/BFD Eco version and they’re working in BFD2.


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I’d like that link please Steve. When I run the BFD3 installer, the progress bar gets to about 20% then abruptly shuts. Tried again with the same result. I check the file location and only the Kick is getting installed, though the folders were created for the 3 toms. I rebooted and re-downloaded the installer and get the same thing. My installer on disk is 68,252 kB. Is that the same as yours?

Yes mine is the same size too.

I’ve zipped it and uploaded it to mediafire, I’ve also uploaded the Mac version too for anyone wanting it.

Windows: Yamaha_Cases_BFD3 Windows

Mac: Yamaha_Cases_BFD3 Mac



Thanks for doing that. In the meantime I had tried dragging the files from the BFD2 installation into the Toms folders, but they aren’t recognized.

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Big thanks for the link @Steve63, I’ll download this since it’s a 100% working base and try it. :+1:t3:

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No worries, let s know if they work or not.


Hi Steve, I d’loaded the Mac Yamaha Cases BFD3 files and they seemed to open fine, giving me the .zip and .rar files.

Can you tell me where the files should go on my computer so I’m able to use them?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I have a master folder called BFD Drums. In that folder is a folder called BFD Core Library,
Also in the BFD Drums folder are separate folders for each of my expansion kits labelled with the names of those kits.

I would suggest creating a master folder, (even if you only have the BFD3 core library) and extracting the Yamaha Cases into that folder but making sure it still has it;s own folder called ‘Yamaha Cases’.

Once done, point BFD3 to it on the contents page and scan user contents.

Hope that made sense


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Alright, finally found the time to download and run the installer.

And what I can say… Steve, you rock! Running the installer anew worked like a charm. Examining the file structure after the installation, I conclude that I had made a mess of the folders, and that I was missing at least one or two levels up the tree. I was missing an initial BFD Yamaha Cases within my BFD Content (master folder), and then the Audio folder within. I didn’t remember it had its own “content folder” so to speak, I was carrying it around from BFD2 from wherever I had it installed then, thinking it went along with other core content or another pack altogether.

Again, many thanks Steve! :pray:t3: :+1:t3: :raised_hands:t3:

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